The Max

The Best Gay Dance Bar In America!!!

1417 Jackson St

Omaha, NE

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The Max in Omaha

Bar/Club - Gay Dance Club

THE MAX is a multiplex that gives club goers many environments. This 12,000 Sq FT club includes a Main Dance Floor, The Arena, the glass-encased upper-level lounge and our expansive outdoor patio. This multi-zoned club IS High Energy!!! Club goers want what we have...POWER. THE MAX has completed the transition from analogue to digital sound/lighting systems. This conversion took over two years to complete. Frankly, drag is alive and well at THE MAX!! We have been profiled in The New Yorker Magazine. for our Premier Pageant, MISS MAX. Our ARENA Theatre hosts over fifty productions a year.
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5 bars in 6 settings
2 dance floors
Huge Outdoor patio
Latest in Lighting & Sound
Monday to Sunday 4:00pm-1:00am
We ARE The Best Gay Dance Club In America and our crowd proves it!! THE MAX is the hub of a five-state region and rated one of the top-ten dance clubs worldwide. THE NEW YORK TIMES reviewed THE MAX
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June 24, 2012 starstarstarstarstar
was fun and good had a blast am not gay but have lots of gay friends and they r fun to have as friends the best of all time my 1st time and had a blast cant wait to go again and may be find more gay friends thanks guys for a fun time at the max and omaha ne
June 7, 2010 starstarstarstarstar
I Always have a blast at The Max!!! However the only neg i could think of is that it is a gay bar that has been over-run a little by straight people, but hey what can you say.... who wouldn‘t want to hang out with the gays ; )
February 15, 2010 starno starno starno starno star
Best night club in america!!?? LOL far from it! Ive been to better places in omaha, there are a few lousy bartenders that play fucking head i just assune PUNCH the next gutless bitch that ever flapped thier jaws to me! THE MAX SUCKS..and its a HUGE reason i don,t support omaha pride anymore.....its all a fucking joke!!
December 30, 2009 starno starno starno starno star
Just another so called wanna be club, discrimination takes place in this sucks!!!
September 9, 2009 starstarstarstarno star
Everything is great but the dance music.
Everyone starts dancing at midnight because the embarrassment factor is outweighed by need to dance before they close.
They play a few good dance songs but it‘s mostly the synth crap you hear nowadays that has no rhythm and no highs and lows.
They need a serious DJ upgrade
Otherwise it‘s quite cool.
Very large and lots of places to check out
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