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I‘m surprised I‘m writing the first review. I love this place! I love trying new types of beers, and they have dozens on tap which they switch out fairly frequently so there‘s always something new to try. When I‘m not in the mood for beer, they make FANTASIC cocktails- Old Fashioneds, Bloody Marys, you name it- everything is made right, with no cheap mixes. On top of that, the staff and the regulars are all great! I would definitely recommend it.
This bar made me feel at home and was very accommodating to us! They chatted with us and made us and had awesome prices, we will be back!
They were too cool for me. They ignored me. They served all my company a different sized drink then me. The bartenders were more interested with flirting and stalking the hotties than serving the public.
They overserve on a regular basis (so if you want a 3/4 liquor to 1/4 cola mix this is the place to go). Too many over the top drunks who are regulars (so their behavior is excused). Very unfriendly to those who are not there regularly. If you are not standing where the bartender wants you for ordering you will not get served. Place has changed a lot in the last year or so (since the newest owner took over). A definite place to avoid in my book.
This place is really changing for the better! I have enjoyed going the past few weekends and working with the new ownership! Bushwackers and Ralston are getting their groove back :)